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Set up your startup for long-term success

Mis-hires will slow you down for 12 months (or more).
Assembling the right, core team members for
your specific startup is the key to sustainable growth
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It's hard  leading the revenue engine at an early-stage SaaS startup

Without assembling the right team around you, success may seem impossible

  • Setbacks from poor-fit hires

  • Missed revenue targets 

  • Key players missing from core team

  • "Blind leading the blind" during onboarding

  • Specific territories lacking key support

Our sole focus is revenue hiring for SaaS startups

Time is of the essence. Don't gamble with your hiring decisions.
Join 100+ startups who have relied on our guidance to transform their teams for long-term success.

GTM hiring expertise

We have extensive experience leading revenue teams at fast-growing startups. We'll build your team the same way we'd build our own.


We are not a traditional recruiting agency and wear that badge with honor. We focus on quality over quantity and always act as true partners

Hire top talent 

Your startup is unique. We'll take time to understand your specific needs & personality to ensure you hire the right candidates to accelerate your growth rate.

We love a challenge

The harder the search the better. We're here when your inbound applicants just aren't cutting it and you can't compromise on skill or fit.

By the numbers


Seed, Series A, Series B, and Series C SaaS startups supported


SaaS sales, CS, and marketers successfully placed 


Revenue & startup professionals follow us on LinkedIn

Don't take our word for it

“We partnered with Jay & Jake to hire our Founding Account Executive in 2021. They quickly delivered relevant, qualified candidates and shortened the hiring process by creating structure & systems that kept us organized and on-track.


After our Founding Account Executive ramped up, we chose to exclusively partner with them as we grew our GTM team which resulted in 10+ hires over a 12-month period.


I highly recommend them for any early-stage startup looking to efficiently grow.”

Jack Hannah, VP Sales

Learn how we helped Pentera hire 20+ professionals

We're here to support your growth journey no matter your stage or needs 

Starter Pack

For founder-led sales teams who need to hire their founding Account Executive or early team members and don't want to pay fees without results

Team Builder

When you've figured out your hiring profile, we'll help you build out your AE, BDR, CSM, AM, and RevOps teams with the right combination of skill & personality to fuel your growth.


When you need the perfect strategic hire to 10X your results and can't compromise on talent, culture fit, or timing. Sales engineers, leadership, enterprise sellers, etc.

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