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Building elite
revenue teams

Unlock more revenue & greater efficiency with tailored Sales and Go To Market talent acquisition

The right sales talent maximizes growth

You prevent failure by reaching major milestones.

You need to achieve your revenue goals, secure your next round of funding, and reach profitability.

The right sales and go-to-market hires drive sustainable, consistent growth.


The right GTM talent fits your needs

Depending on your product complexity, industry niche, and current growth stage, you have very specific hiring needs.


Which means you need to be very selective when evaluating candidates to join your organization.

The right revenue-generating talent drives innovation and adapts quickly. They fit your company culture, elevate each other, and help move your business forward faster.

We've helped hundreds hire their perfect fit

Mis-hires are painful for everyone

The wrong sales & GTM talent will send you backwards.


From losing deals & missing revenue targets, to wasting your time and energy during onboarding, to frustrating everyone around them - it's painful for your whole team.

Instead of gambling on key hiring decisions, wouldn't it be nice to always have a partner you can trust who understands your business and can quickly deliver excellent-fit candidates whenever needed?


Hire the right talent with our expert guidance

CEO & Founder

Jay Green

  • LinkedIn
Jay Green Photo.jfif

From establishing sales teams at multiple startups that achieved significant exits, to scaling a bootstrapped hiring platform to $4M in revenue, CEO Jay Green has the strategic foresight to drive successful results for your startup.


Service Name

Jake Citrano

  • LinkedIn

Co-founder Jake Citrano is a GTM recruitment powerhouse, placing key sales and customer success roles for startups that have shaped their U.S. market presence and expedited their growth.

Don't take our word for it. Hear it from the companies we support

Ivan Barajas Vargas

Founder & CEO, Muuktest


"We partnered with ClosedWon Talent to ensure we hired the right Founding AE.


They introduced us to extremely relevant candidates with strong industry experience and guided us throughout the process from start to finish.


We couldn't have done it without their startup expertise and are excited to partner with them on future revenue roles."

Pick the service package that’s right for you


We'll ensure your first 5 revenue hires are a bullseye for your needs and will stay with you throughout your growth journey.


From defining your hiring plan, leading you through compensation & interview best practices, and everything inbetween.


Designed for startups who need help filling high-value roles with specific background and experience requirements.

Roles like Territory Reps, Sales Engineers, Mid-Market & Enterprise AE's, CSM's, Leadership, RevOps, and BDR's.

Outside SaaS

We love supporting innovative companies outside SaaS that offer unique products & services.

With services that range from promoting your company via our Quota Hunters network all the way to directly sourcing & qualifying candidates on your behalf, we have options for every budget and need.


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